The Ministry

   The 29:11 Story is a Christian ministry that strives to prosper and bring hope to women and all God's people all across God’s glorious creation. The 29:11 Story Ministry is setting up a network of cottages wherever God desires.  We are training women everywhere and anywhere to create their own 29:11 Stories. Each 29:11 Story  is  handmade; the tag attached to each Story  is signed by its particular maker. The network that sustains The 29:11 Story is spreading across God’s Kingdom daily. 

The 29:11 Story

   The 29:11 Story is a visual illustration of God's Word.  Each Story is made of fine gemstones, crystal, and glass beads; each bead represents a person or event crucial to the telling of God's plan.  The story of God and His love for us: from Genesis to The Book of Revelation.  From the creation and fall of man to his redemption by the birth of God’s Son, Jesus Christ.  From The Cross to His 2nd Coming.  To mankind’s return to dwell with The Trinity. God’s perfect plan illustrated by The 29:11 Story.

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